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Why do you need a website?

Today… every business or service needs a website. In a world of “instant information” your current or future prospects need a place to go when they need to find help, reassurance, goods and services.

Here’s a few more reasons:

• Your Top Competitor Has A Website. 

You are in direct competition with many contemporaries that have websites. They have a clear advantage and a website is a great way to level the playing field.

• Websites Improve Customer Confidence & Professional Image. 

With a well planned website, you will improve your overall appearance to the public and your client base will develop a greater sense of confidence in your business.

• Small Businesses With Websites Have Higher Revenue. 

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses that have websites are averaging $1.07 million more per year in revenue than those without an online presence. That equates to 39% higher revenue.


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We will make you look great online…

and help you with everything you need including:

• Securing a memorable website address (url)

• Arranging for inexpensive web hosting

• Determining and setting goals for website

• Designing unique look and theme

• Designing all pages and links


• Creating and gathering content and graphics

• Developing the site on a secure closed network

• Proofing and tweaking every page and link to your complete satisfaction

• On-going follow-up and support

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Get Unlimited Flexibility

You will always be able to add additional content, such as pages, news articles, videos, general related information,”Online Forms” and more.

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Animation & Custom Video

Bring your message to life with very affordable HD animation and custom video. (Raise Volume)

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Corporate ID, Branding, Logos

Who are you?

In the one on one business world, first contact often takes the form of a prospect sizing you up by the look of your logo on a business card. Before settling on a final logo design, consider all the ways the brand image will have to work in the marketplace … print ad, TV. billboard/outdoor, internet and stationery to name a few.

Go with the lowest common denominator… Design a logo… Then shrink it down in a “grayscale” version and stick it in the middle of a directory listing with several other ads and logos. If it can hold its own in that company, chances are it’s a good logo.

Companies sometimes find it necessary to keep reinventing their image because they continue to choose corporate symbols that are super trendy and time sensitive. It’s okay to design your product for now… but make sure your corporate image is going to work later.

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Design & Content

Our graphic pros are armed with all the latest software and development tools poised to feed the world of hungry “smart” devices.

It takes years of contemporary and classic art education to become a good “graphic designer”. Similarly, considerable verbal skills are needed to become a proficient “copywriter”. The precise balance of both plus a good knowledge of the available marketing media are needed to create the perfect marketing concept.

We have the technical skill sets, plus a full understanding of the creative concepts for which they were crafted … a must if a successful marketing effort is your goal.

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Brochures & Collateral Material


Creating a “Best Seller” for your story can be a challenge.

You have just seconds to engage and hold the reader. Sometimes, something as subtle as the texture or color of the paper on which your message is printed will make all the difference.

Today, many high quality consumer products are manufactured abroad. These products usually require instructions or manuals to be included as part of the packaging process. Many of these industrialized manufacturing centers lack the foreign language skills needed to produce the literature. Currently, we work with several companies designing and writing the instructional materials for their imported products.

The application of text and graphics can vary greatly depending on where and how it will be used. Designers often give free reign to their creativity while having little regard for a client’s budget. A brochure with an extra page, an unusual fold, color or finishing technique can add significant and unnecessary cost to a marketing piece.

Having a thorough background in all print media and production has always given us the creative “cost effective” edge. Combining paper stocks, weights and sizes with printing processes and equipment that work in harmony saves clients money and time without compromising creativity.

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